Terms of Service

Terms of Service

We, at LQHosting, are committed to providing you, our client, with one of the best web hosting services available in the marketplace. We will make every effort humanly possible to meet and to exceed the quality of service that we state in our site. In turn, we ask that you be responsible financially and be a respectful Internet citizen.

Using the LQHosting service constitutes an acceptance of our Terms Of Service (TOS) and policies. These terms establish an agreement between you and LQHosting. We may modify these terms or policies at our discretion. The amended terms supersede any prior agreements and take effect immediately.

Acceptable Use

You can use your VPS as you like as long as it’s legal in the United States, with the following in mind as well:

  • Do not use your VPS for illegal or unlawful activities (such as child porn)
  • Do not abuse service resources¬†(CPU cycles, disk IO, etc.) such as FOLDING@HOME, cryptocurrency related activities such as mining, etc., which are expressly prohibited on our servers.
  • Spamming is strictly prohibited.
  • Traffic Exchange Scripts and Torrents are not allowed.

Shared/Reseller Hosting Accounts: you can use it for anything that is for a use case in servicing a legitimate website (i.e. a forum, blog, development site, ecommerce site, etc). Personal backup storage, excessive image storage, or storing/hosting copyright files (warez) is not allowed. If you are looking to store backups/images/files etc please consider a VPS or dedicated server.

Billing and Payment

You will be billed on a recurring basis on the same day each month starting with the day you ordered our service. Payment is due via a valid PayPal account at the beginning of each term. We also accept Alipay, credit cards and cryptocurrency as alternate payment methods. If payment is not received, service will be automatically suspended.

Money Back Guarantee

If you find our service to be unsatisfactory for any reason, we will give you a full refund as long as you cancel within the first three days and have used less than 10 GB of internet traffic as noted in the Client Area control panel. Please allow up to 14 business days for refund requests to be processed. Please note that at this time, Alipay and Cryptocurrency payments are not supported for refunds. Instead, we can refund to account credit if that was your original method of payment.


Cancellations are only accepted via the form in the Client Area under the Services Section.


If you violate the TOS or AUP, your service may be terminated without notice. Reinstatement of your VPS is solely up to our discretion and will only happen if we are confident that you will adhere to our TOS and AUP.


Your service may be suspended due to non-payment. To restore your service you must remit payment in full. If payment is not received for an overdue service in more than 5 (five) days, your service may be fully terminated & removed from our network with no chance of data recovery.


LQHosting provides 24 x 7 support via our trouble ticket system. Support for our standard offerings which are unmanaged virtual servers is limited to the basic functioning of the VPS as measured by the status of the control VPS running on the same node. LQHosting standard unmanaged VPS offerings do not include any support for application level or configuration issues.

Security and Passwords

Security is of utmost concern to us. It’s your responsibility to secure your VPS, unless you subscribe to a server management plan with us. By default, our VPS’s are self managed by the customer.

Strong passwords are an essential part of security. We automatically generate a strong root password for your VPS. And we encourage you to implement best practices (e.g. changing default ports, using key-based authentication) to enhance security.


We guarantee our VPS services to be available 99.9% of the time (but realistically it is 100%). If we fail to meet this up-time guarantee in any given month, we will apply a service credit to your account in the following month’s invoice.

Limitation of Liability

LQHosting is not liable for any incidental, consequential, economic or any other damages, losses, injuries or costs resulting from use or inability to use the VPS service. Our maximum liability is limited to the fees charged for the relevant billing period.

Warranty Disclaimer

Other than what is expressed in these terms (TOS) or policies, LQHosting does not make any promises or any warranties. Strictly, we provide our services to you “as-is”.


In the event that a third party makes a claim against LQHosting due to any activity in your VPS (by you, a third party or end user), you are liable to the third party and to LQHosting for all damages, injuries, losses and legal costs resulting from that claim.